I didn’t like this feeling…

Have you ever been hurt by someone? Do you still feel resentful or angry or in pain?

Last week I was feeling particularly uncomfortable with my feeling of dislike for a specific individual and wished I didn’t feel this way. I know that it isn’t good for me, the person or the world for me to harbour these negative feelings.

So I decide to do something good about it. Something to promote healing and feelings of forgiveness and oneness within myself.

I lit a candle for this person. I closed my eyes and prayed for this person. I spoke to the Creator and asked for my pain to wash away.

I wished the person I dislike all the best in the world and meditated on the idea that we are all one and we all make mistakes.

I started to feel so much lighter, so much loving-er, so much better. I set myself free.

The spiritual ritual of lighting candles is powerful.. and this coupled with pure and good intention for self and world healing can work miracles.

I am thankful.