howiwork30Take Care Of You

Together we will fuse your head and heart in a way that explores and discovers your passions and dreams, and devise a plan to convert them into vibrant, satisfying realities. We will embark on a journey of metamorphic inner and outer work, to promote conscious living, whereby to thrive becomes your norm! Every person is unique and thus my coaching is tailored just for you.

My experience tells me that a happy woman, devoid of stress, pain or emptiness is one that mindfully channels her energy into her personal life mission – whatever she discovers that to be. Inner peace and happiness are the fruit of harmonious balance and constant growth in life. When my clients move productively along the correct road to their correct destination they feel a genuine happiness being in the present moment, while tranquilly looking forward to the future.

I believe the answers and solutions to your obstacles, challenges, fears and goals are already within you. Yet, often the wealth of this inner knowledge remains dormant in the subconscious mind, together with much mental clutter. I use timeless wisdom, modern psychology and the most progressive coaching techniques to facilitate the process of my client finding the best path for themselves through the awakening of their inner voice and creativity. Beautiful things can unfold when we connect to our truth and internal resources.

I will guide you in identifying what is holding you from real fulfillment, while challenging your limiting beliefs. Encouraging and supporting you in developing necessary tools, determination and momentum, you will learn to make self-honouring and success-generating choices, so you can live inspired; embracing your unique gifts and signature strengths as a powerful woman. You can achieve anything you desire.

I take a holistic approach in my coaching, as I believe that self-awareness, a centered mind and a healthy, balanced lifestyle is key to achieving rewarding progress and long-lasting positive change.

Whether you want to improve your relationships, how you work and play, how you relate to yourself and the world or wish to achieve a certain goal, my coaching facilitates transformation toward clarity and a fresh, empowering outlook for your daily journey… so you can truly live well.

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me?..If not now, when?” ~ Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14

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